The class outline

Exactly what’s covered


Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in this online class. The class is broken up into 2 modules, design thinking and design execution. I believe sound strategy and process should be merged with a great sense of craft. 

How we go from user insight and discovery ☞ to effective design solutions. No bullshit. Just valuable lessons I’ve learnt over the last 10 years helping brands like Nintendo, Adidas, Target, and Nissan – to help you become more valuable UI/UX designer.

Some awards and accollades for my work over the years


“The Process Masterclass was key in helping me understand not just design execution, but also contributed to a foundational business sense.”


Module 01. Design Thinking

12:49 mins

Design Thinking - Overview

A basic introduction to Design Thinking, it’s 3 main pillars and the 5 stages it goes through

7:33 mins

01. Business Objectives

Uncovering and using business objectives as the basis for design decision making.

user insight

24:00 mins

02. User Insight

Learn some tools for gaining user insight and incorporating it into your design workflow.

layers of design

6:23 mins

03. Layers of Design

Take a look at the 4 layers that make up design and how to approach problems.

design process

1:06:06 mins

04. Design Process

Go through Design Thinking with me on a project walkthrough from brief to delivery.


39:30 mins

05. Clients

Learn some concepts on the key to building great relationships with clients and stakeholders.

how to increase your value

25:30 mins

06. How to increase your value

Learn how to increase your value and some actions you can take.

where to go from here?

25:39 mins

07. Where to go from here?

A recap on what you need to do and how to take action.


25:09 mins

08. Freelance (Bonus)

I share with you all the things I’ve learnt freelancing and share my key documents with you.

No secret sauce. Just honest methods and processes that have been tried and tested. Taught simply and earnestly. 18 video lessons —sharing what I know.


Module 02. Design Execution

03:36 mins

Design Execution – Overview

Introduction to Design Execution and some concepts to improve the craft side of your work.

45:42 mins

01. Structure & Hierarchy

We’ll go through Whimsical and look at wireframes, IA, user flows and project examples.

10:48 mins

02. Styleboards & Moodboards

Learn how to construct styleboards & moodboards to explore design direction and get client buy in early.

18:27 mins

03. Grids

Learn how to create grid systems, and learn one that I use for the web and how you can use one effectively.

1:10:39 mins

04. Typography

I go through the basics of type and some key techniques that I use for controlling type.

19:59 mins

05. Visual design concepts

Some key design concepts that I use throughout my work and how you can work on these areas too.

42:50 mins

06. Prototypes

Learn about the importance of prototypes as I step you through an example in Principle.

1:46:42 mins

07. Putting it all together

Let’s walk through the Vespi site design in Figma where we apply all the principles we’ve learnt.

27:16 mins

08. Design Systems

Learn how to build out a design system and component library.

“I especially loved the typography video. That’s probably my favorite aspect of design, and I love getting the insight to how you work and lay things out”



We apply all the theory and put it all together into an indepth case study

Talk as much shit as you want. But it comes down to the quality of the work and the outcomes you create. Bring intention and strategy. Create change. Solve problems. Merge user insight with business objectives and execute it all stunningly. 

We start the classes with theory and lessons that you can easily understand, to build a strong foundation. But the magic is when we put all those simple concepts and ideas together. In a comprehensive Case Study at the end in Module 2. The key is for you to have that "A–ha! Moment" as we go from theory to practical application. 

Go through my working files and see how everything is broken down. We use figma in our class which is free to download. But the methods can be used for any modern design tool, like Sketch, XD etc. But cmon it's 2024 just use Figma ;)

The value of the course is in the thinking and theory vs. just how to use a design tool. We have 20+ resources and templates for you to use, remix and duplicate. We use Figma, Principle and Whimsical. Everything will be to assist you, and to give you more confidence with your own design process. 


Our slack community

When learning you can also join our slack community. You can ask for feedback, share work, banter, get hired, post jobs etc. You can learn on your own or learn together. You also have access to me as a friend and mentor. 


Thanks for reading

Cheers, Nguyen

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