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A collection of free design resources crafted for UI/UX designers. Learn about typography, grids, component libraries with these resources. 

Vespi Figma Project file

Here's a preview of the class project files in Figma. You can see how everything is setup - using grids, components, typography and creating a design system. You can duplicate this and have a play around. 


Vault - Notion design resource library

The best design resources, videos and articles that helped shape my career and craft over the last 15+ years. All in 1 place.


Typography Playbook

A collection of typefaces, foundries, typography tips and more in this free eBook. Made for digital UI/UX designers looking to learn more about typography. Condensing 10+ years of experience into this resource. 


Styleboard Project file

When I start a project - I work with the client to flesh out the initial art direction using a style board. To get a feel for how the project could look and feel. They are a quick and effective to way to communicate the art direction without sinking too much time. Take a look at how it's setup in this example file.


Twitter Design Tips

A couple of videos that share some of the foundational design ideas from the class. Added epic music for shits & gigs. 

1. Using a Baseline Grid for digital design 

2. Design Systems & Component Libraries  

3. Think about User Context when designing

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