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Reviews from our alumni over the years — Who have gone on to do amazing things

Andrew Spencer
Product Designer

Hey I just want to say your courses and this community has been really valuable for me! I love being able to learn from people outside my direct circles and be inspired by so many talented designers. I just landed a new role as a product designer and applying what I’ve learned through the process masterclass has played a big role in giving me the confidence to pursue product design work.

The new vault resource library you compiled is also super helpful. I read one of the articles on negotiating there and it really helped me have the confidence to negotiate when my default is to just just accept right away.
So thanks and keep it up!
Oh and also a 70% salary increase from where I was at the beginning of this year. 🤯


Greyson MacAlpine
Co-Founder at stuuudio

The Process Masterclass was key in helping me understand not just design execution, but also contributed to a foundational business sense. You’ve put together a wealth of personable instruction and resources that will equip others in their careers, whether they’re freelancing or working in-house. If anybody’s on the fence about taking this course, they shouldn’t be, haha. This is a fantastic investment. Grateful for the work you’ve done and continue to do for the design community.

“The Process Masterclass was key in helping me understand not just design execution, but also contributed to a foundational business sense.”


Gil Huybrecht
Award winning UI/UX designer 

I came across the Process Masterclasss from your dribbble account, I was following you for a long time and I really liked the aesthetic with your web designs. Because I’m a self-taught designer I didn’t really know that much about the theory behind design, design-thinking, typography, …  I had some knowledge about that stuff but really not that much. I’m really enjoying doing UX design nowadays and your classes really taught me a lot so I can be more confident in that area. So keep up the good work mate! 

Gil grew his influence from a 3-4k dribbble followers to 53k followers. And has gotten his work awarded by awwwards, and is on the awwwards jury. 


Jaslin Tonton
Freelance Creative Director


I could probably write a book about how much I've learned from this course since I've been taking it. Unfortunately, I'm not a writer lol. This has been the best money I've spent on a long time. I wish they had something like this available when I had just started designing. This is not your typical design courses, it's way above that. As much as I love the class I think the only thing I love more than this class is the Slack channel — I mean the people I've met are some of the best people, designers, teachers, friends, and colleagues I've ever met. I could go on, but after all, this is just a Dribbble comment. (No, I'm not getting paid to endorse, nor did he ask me to say these things. I'm speaking from the heart and anyone that's taking the class will probably agree with me).

Jaslin got invited by AIGA to be a panelist at one their design conferences, and has done workshops on Adobe Live. He has worked for brands like Amazon, Adobe, Visa and Hotels.com. 


Kjell Ruben
Photographer – Designer


The class has helped me in every way, from design principles to marketing to pricing. I actually learned a lot about client communication that I have now brought into my photography practice as well.

Amazing photographer - shot the likes of G-eazy. Now running  his own studio, offering photography and design. Kjell is a webflow pioneer.


Carmela Vallejo


I have loved the process master class. It is an invaluable resource for young designers like myself. I had bought it spontaneously when I got tired of my 9-5 and wanted to fast track my UI design skills to the next level. Little did I know this was just the beginning and it wasn't so much about techniques or execution, there is some of that too but the majority of it, is about the business side of design.

Learning the importance of design thinking, how to communicate ideas with your clients, how to go from a blank canvas to a final product and how to add value to your design work by centering it around Key objectives. I can see myself referencing these lessons throughout my design career. As for the execution part Nguyen recommends it best; make things, make things, make things. That is what I am currently doing. Thanks to the process master class I feel like I have a leg up on my design co-workers. Also, it is awesome being part of the slack community filled with awesome designers to learn from.


Marie Claire Hill
Freelance brand & digital designer


It has offered insight into many areas that you can only know about with a certain experience. It’s been valuable to gain a detailed overview of the different parts of a project structure. Strategic, technical and creative. Process is the making of a product so it’s been great to see how it fits together, and fill in pieces I’ve been missing or need to do some further learning on. The personal style of the videos make them easy to watch, like you’re sitting with a teacher rather than just being presented to. Overall I’m really glad I did it and have the material to refer back to when needed.


Eric Semling


Your style really works for these...professional, knowledgeable, yet casual. I especially loved the typography video. That’s probably my favorite aspect of design, and I love getting the insight to how you work and lay things out...Watching/hearing you walk through the different layouts and explain your basic reasoning on each was great. I could watch an entire course on typography lessons like this! Hearing a lot of your business goals/objectives stuff has been good, too. I haven’t really worked for large organizations with big teams yet, so I’m lacking in that area. Good stuff.


Mark Lundbery


The process masterclass has helped me strengthen my design principle fundamentals, spurred my curiosity for design thinking, and helped me further solidify my knowledge of grids. Nguyen you've always been super friendly and helpful from day one. With my limited daily time I want to spend more time in the community... this is a resource I will come back to over and over again as reference and to keep me on track. No regrets and extremely happy with joining! There is so much information in a digestible way and with so many resources, this is something you cannot find anywhere else. It's valuable from beginning to end and I'm so happy I took the dive into the class.

“There is so much information in a digestible way and with so many resources, this is something you cannot find anywhere else. It's valuable from beginning to end and I'm so happy I took the dive into the class.”


Johnny Le
Product Designer


Nguyen has simplified a shitload of design knowledge into something easily understandable. As well as including his experiences and know-how as a successful designer. The masterclass gave me the keys (or steps lol) to the process of a project from beginning to end. No doubt all this will be very useful if I ever wanted to freelance. Great stuff.

Johnny does product design work for one of the biggest banks in Australia. 


Tori Pugh
Front end dev/designer


I've gotten immense knowledge from this class so far. This has been a great investment.I liked your walkthrough of your process, I've no set process so it was really helpful to watch an expert breakdown their method and just walk us through it. The Business Objectives section helped my thinking of how to bring real benefit to potential clients and just every project. It's stuff I'd heard of but then seeing it laid out like that really got me thinking, I incorporated it into two of my projects already.

“This has been a great investment. I liked your walkthrough of your process, I’ve no set process so it was really helpful to watch an expert breakdown their method and just walk us through it.”


Blayne Chong
UI/UX Designer


It's been really helpful for me, especially the Design Thinking segment of the class. It was very insightful for me as someone who still relatively new to the world of design. I can already see the benefits from incorporating some aspects of your design process into mine (i.e. moving through that continuous loop of ideation and prototyping and testing until arriving at the answer).

Blayne mixes his psychology expertise with design. He is no longer new and is a experienced designer in the Canadian design space. 


Rui Bogas
UI/UX Designer


Joining this course was the best choice I've ever done in my career, and I'm not exaggerating! It's been an hell of a journey since I've joined it :) I've learned a lot and it made me improve as a designer and because of the access to the process fam. I feel like everything I've learned from the Process Masterclass is super valuable. Even these days I use to watch some videos to remember some steps of the process.

Rui managed to double his salary as a product designer


Sacha W.D
Freelance Designer


I've worked as a self taught freelancer for 14 years and have never worked in an agency or for an agency. The reason that I decided to invest in PMC was to 'refine' my own process. Having worked in the 'field' there were some aspects that didn't apply due to my experience, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the class. I loved the fact that you gave not only instruction, but templates. (I can't tell you how many times I have changed mine out, so it's fantastic to have those resources) Speaking of resources, I have to applaud you on your alturism in sharing your designs. It's so wonderful seeing peeps on Slack take them and morph them into their own work - obviously highly influenced by yours, but that's how people learn... by being inspired and positively influenced. You are doing a great service to the design community Nguyen, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, and for the exquisite attention to detail and beautiful presentation of the class.

“You are doing a great service to the design community Nguyen, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that, and for the exquisite attention to detail and beautiful presentation of the class.”


Product Designer


Honestly I’ve never had a mentor in my design career. It can be very hard to overcome some challenges I face in my current work cause I’m the only product designer working on a full range of company products. So for me being involved in this course and community in Slack is like having an experienced mentor, and being able to get feedback about my work from great designers. Now I feel a way more confident in my work and my employer gives me more and more responsibility in my day to day work so I grow quite quickly.

Denis got promoted to design lead.


Micah Caroll
Product Designer


Just wanted to thank you all for the continuous support and I'm grateful for you @nguyen for taking the time to create a community like this. Today I was promoted into a product designer role that came with quite some benefits. It's been a long journey but I realized being around people like you guys and continuous learning, so many things are possible. Thank you!

Micah is an ex-Amazon product designer now freelancing.


Marcus Handa
UI Designer


...I just wanted to tell you that I finished the course and it feels like it was tailor made for me. Literally every video you made has and will provide me with value for the foreseeable future. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been freelancing and designing for a around 2.5 years and learnt everything I know from cheaper courses, books and good ol’ hard work.

All learning resources for design only really cater to the beginner crowd but I believe yours is best placed for the designer that already has a bit of experience but wants to transition from intermediate to expert and I believe what they’ll learn from this course could bridge the gap.

Before I started this course I mentioned to you that if I didn’t think I’d learn much from I’d like to get a refund, I definitely won’t be taking up that option and this could be the best design/freelance resource I purchased so far! I previously bought a course from a designer called [Name removed] for the same price and it honestly pales in comparison to the Process Masterclass.

Your kind of like everybody's mentor who buys the course. I’ve been remote since day one so I haven’t had the opportunity to work side-by-side and learn from with somebody with a lot more experience than me, this type of course is the next best thing imo.

The results.

Rui doubled his salary as a product designer


Rui Bogas

The results.


Nainoa Shizuru

The results.

Andrea got a $75k pay jump as an ACD


Andrea Vollendorf

The results.

Gil got nominated for awwwwards site of the year


Gil Huybrecht

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