A different design course

Increase your value as a UI/UX designer and learn a solid design process. From design thinking to design execution to boost your skillset and creative confidence. 




Learn a framework and core skills to help you improve your design process and thinking. Process is both a class and a resource to make you become a fucking badass. 


A design class taught by Creative Director:


Sharing valuable things I learnt across 10 years – into 17 lessons

This course is an online course that you can use to add new concepts to further your design career. There are 7+ hours of video lessons divided into bite sized lessons, that you can learn from at your own pace.


It is divided into 2 key modules Design Thinking and Design Execution. Learn how to be more confident with your design decision making and how to increase your value as a designer. 


Theory meets application


Deep dive on some Design Thinking theory and practical execution tips. Then step through a responsive ecommerce design project with me. Learn actionable steps and concepts to help you become a more valuable designer. A candid look on my process – from soft skills such as how to articulate design decisions through to business objectives, user insight and discovery. And learn solid design execution tips to create beautiful work through typography, grids, visual design concepts and much more.





– Learn a solid design process that top companies use

– Gain experience and insight from a mentor

– Connect with other designers

– Be more confident with your design decisions

– Further your career as UI/UX designer, think like a leader

7+ hours of video lessons, concepts + walkthroughs

20 + Useful slides/worksheets/templates

20 + Source files in Sketch, Photoshop, Principle + more 

A thriving slack community of designers + me *waves*

A design class, roadmap and library 



How we get from here, to here.


Enough talk though, here’s exactly what you’ll learn



Design Thinking – Overview

A basic introduction to Design Thinking, it’s 3 main pillars and the 5 stages it goes through.

12:49 mins

01. Business Objectives

Uncovering and using business objectives as the basis for design decision making.

7:33 mins


02. User Insight

Learn some tools for gaining user insight and incorporating it into your design workflow.

24:00 mins

03. Layers of Design

Take a look at the 4 layers that make up design and how to approach problems. 

6:23 mins

04. Design Process

Go through Design Thinking with me on a project walkthrough from brief to delivery. 

1:06:06 mins

05. Clients

Learn some concepts on the key to building great relationships with clients and stakeholders.

39:30 mins

06. How to increase your value

Learn how to increase your value and some actions you can take. 

25:29 mins

07. Where to go from here?

A recap on what you need to do and how to take action.

3:18 mins

08. Freelance (Bonus)

I share with you all the documents and tools that I use for my freelance work. Along with tips that have helped me earn 6 figures yearly. 

25:26 mins

Design Execution – Overview

Introduction to Design Execution and some concepts to improve the craft side of your work.

3:36 mins

01. Structure & Hierarchy

We’ll go through Axure and look at wireframes, IA, user flows and project examples.

25:04 mins

02. Styleboards & Moodboards

Learn how to construct styleboards & moodboards to explore design direction and  get client buy in early.

13:45 mins

03. Grids

Learn how to create grid systems, and learn one that I use for the web and how you can use one effectively.

23:22 mins

04. Typography

I go through the basics of type and some key techniques that I use for controlling type.

1:08:00 mins

05. Visual design concepts

Some key design concepts that I use throughout my work and how you can work on these areas too.

18:52 mins

06. Prototypes

Learn about the importance of prototypes as I step you through an example in Principle.

32:20 mins

07. Putting it all together

Let’s walk through the Vespi site design where we apply all the principles we’ve learnt. Photoshop + Sketch source files.

1:40:00 mins

No bullshit, just a focus on helping you with key skills to further your design career



“Nguyen has simplified a shitload of design knowledge into something easily understandable. As well as including his experiences and know-how as a successful designer. The masterclass gave me the keys (or steps lol) to the process of a project from beginning to end. No doubt all this will be very useful if I ever wanted to freelance. Great stuff.”




“I absolutely love the process-master class. The straight forward no BS approach to design. The multiple different categories and options for learning new skills, refreshing old ones or trying different challenges, and the student project resources are superb. The process-masterclass is definitely one of the stops that I take to get my creative grind flowing. I give the master-class – Two thumbs way up!”




“Honestly I took a shot in the dark with this class it's the most I've spent in one sitting on a class. And while I took the class I tried, believe me I tried to look for any reason to just ask for a refund because of the 14 day money back guarantee. I can say this for me it was 100% worth it.... I appreciate all you have done for me and anyone else that has bought your class to receive those golden nuggets and 10 years of experience that you give. THANK YOU! Because you could have chosen not to make this class at all.”




“Your style really works for these...professional, knowledgeable, yet casual. I especially loved the typography video. That’s probably my favorite aspect of design, and I love getting the insight to how you work and lay things out…Watching/hearing you walk through the different layouts and explain your basic reasoning on each was great. I could watch an entire course on typography lessons like this! Hearing a lot of your business goals/objectives stuff has been good, too. I haven’t really worked for large organizations with big teams yet, so I’m lacking in that area. Good stuff.”




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Hello it’s nice to meet you, and yes I am a real person.  

Course Teacher

Nguyen Le

I’m Nguyen Le, an ex-Creative Director turned freelance designer/entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years I have designed and developed a myriad of projects for the digital space, pretty much anything that has a screen. I’ve had the pleasure to work with clients such as Nintendo, Nissan, Adidas and Target. My work has also been featured and awarded on FWA, Awwwards, Smashing Magazine, Abduzeebo, Desktop magazine and MADC Awards. 


I also write on a blog called Verse where I share insight and thoughts about design, business and life. You can find some snippets of my work on Dribbble, photos on instagram and random thoughts on twitter.