Welcome to the Process Masterclass. An in depth online design course for UI/UX design. Learn design thinking and design execution, and increase your value as a designer.

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Vespi is one of our project case studies that we'll walkthrough.

Learn an end to end design process with me. In this class we will look at UI/UX design from a holistic point of view. How to think about business objectives. How to use design thinking for user-centred design. How to build design systems. And tips and tricks in various modern design tools to solve problems. Learn from A—Z and compare your process with mine. 

Learn typography, grids, prototyping and how to merge that with business and user objectives.

We learn the fundamentals of design — ideas and concepts that I have used in the last 10+ years, and taught to those I've mentored. From structure & hierarchy, to grids, to typography, to prototyping, to visual design concepts and more. Great for self taught designers who want to solidify the fundamentals, or for those just looking for a refresher.


This class is made for designers looking to improve their design process and thinking. If you have a few years experience but want to take the next step. This is for you. 


This class is made for the curious learners. For the creatives out there.  Whether you are in design, or in other professions  transitioning to UI/UX design.  This will be the perfect community and class to give you the tools to excel in this industry. 

This class will help you — learn a solid design process that top companies use. Gain experience and insight from a mentor and connect with other passionate designers. Ultimately my goal is to help you make more $$$, do more of what you love and build your skillset. 

What’s in the class?


Made for designers who care about the details, who care about solving problems, who care about improving. Learn. Make.Grow.


Process is a different design course. I teach you candidly like I would teach a friend. There is some swearing in this class. If that's not your jam, this might not be the best class for you and that's cool.

Sharing the valuable things I learnt across 10 years — into 18 lessons. This course is an online course that you can use to add new concepts to further your design career. There are 9+ hours of video lessons divided into bite sized lessons, that you can learn from at your own pace. 20+ downloadable working files and resources. Along with a slack community to get feedback from.

It is divided into 2 key modules Design Thinking and Design Execution. Learn how to be more confident with your design decision making and how to increase your value as a designer.

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