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What students say about the class

Nguyen has simplified a shitload of design knowledge into something easily understandable. As well as including his experiences and know-how as a successful designer. The masterclass gave me the keys (or steps lol) to the process of a project from beginning to end. No doubt all this will be very useful if I ever wanted to freelance. Great stuff.



Your style really works for these...professional, knowledgeable, yet casual. I especially loved the typography video. That’s probably my favorite aspect of design, and I love getting the insight to how you work and lay things out. A lot of the technical details and rules were things I already knew, but what I don’t have is your intuition in knowing when things are right and seeing how everything is affected by each decision. Watching/hearing you walk through the different layouts and explain your basic reasoning on each was great. I could watch an entire course on typography lessons like this! Hearing a lot of your business goals/objectives stuff has been good, too. I haven’t really worked for large organizations with big teams yet, so I’m lacking in that area. Good stuff.



I absolutely love the process-master class. The straight forward no BS approach to design. The multiple different categories and options for learning new skills, refreshing old ones or trying different challenges, and the student project resources are superb. The process-masterclass is definitely one of the stops that I take to get my creative grind flowing. I give the master-class – Two thumbs way up!



Honestly I took a shot in the dark with this class it's $300 the most I've spent in one sitting on a class. And while I took the class I tried, believe me I tried to look for any reason to just ask for a refund because of the 14 day money back guarantee. I can say this I'm glad I used the $300 for me it was 100% worth it.... I appreciate all you have done for me and anyone else that has bought your class to receive those golden nuggets and 10 years of experience that you give. THANK YOU! Because you could have chosen not to make this class at all.



I've gotten immense knowledge from this class so far. This has been a great investment.I liked your walkthrough of your process, I've no set process so it was really helpful to watch an expert breakdown their method and just walk us through it. The Business Objectives section helped my thinking of how to bring real benefit to potential clients and just every project. It's stuff I'd heard of but then seeing it laid out like that really got me thinking, I incorporated it into two of my projects already.



It's been really helpful for me, especially the Design Thinking segment of the class. It was very insightful for me as someone who still relatively new to the world of design. I can already see the benefits from incorporating some aspects of your design process into mine (i.e. moving through that continuous loop of ideation and prototyping and testing until arriving at the answer).



Still got a few questions? No sweat


Is this class for me?

If you are looking to increase your value as an interactive designer, which means – finding ways to work on projects that excite you, learning how to get paid more for what you do and how to have a better design process then this is for you.  If you are looking for basic tips on how to use photoshop this is not it. Design covers a wide spectrum, how to deal with clients/stakeholders, understanding the fundamentals of design, UX , visual design and a whole myriad of other things, like how to be more confident with your design decisions. Or learning theory to overcome feeling like an imposter because you are self taught. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look and how to improve. It’s almost overwhelming, because there’s so much out there. If you are looking for a roadmap and a friend/mentor – this course is that roadmap and I am more than happy to help and lend my experience. My goal is for you to gain some valuable insight that will help you carve out a career that you will love. 


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, I’d be an asshole not to. I stand behind the quality and value of this course, so if you think it’s not for you I am happy to give refunds within 14 days of your purchase. It’s important to me to not fuck people over, the world needs less of that – just hit me with an email and I will offer a refund. Of all the students I’ve had less than 5 refunds – one of them is because a designer had preordered and then she realised design was not a path she wanted to pursue anymore and that being a yoga teacher was her true calling. I was more than happy for her and the course was no longer right for her and that’s ok. I want to help the right people and not EVERYONE. 


Do you support Sketch?

The source files are available in both Sketch and Photoshop. 


Can I watch the videos in my own time?

Yes when you purchase the class you will get access to all the videos and resources at once. I wanted the course to be a library that you can continually refer back to. So that you can strengthen certain aspects of your work flow. If you are on a Student Plan you will get access for 30 days and then once your second payment is made you will get lifetime access. 


Do you add more content to the Process Masterclass?

Yes I will be adding more content for the remainder of the year. I try to listen to the feedback I receive from students and pick areas that people have trouble with or want to learn more about. More typography videos are in the pipeline.


My boss wants to pay for this but they want to know how it will benefit me and the company?

These are all the processes I have used in the last 10 years. In that time I have worked for global brands such as Nintendo, Adidas, Nissan and Target. Along with government bodies and banks in Australia. These lessons will take a look at processes that can add more value to a companies workflow and their offering to clients and users. The more proficient you become the more the company can charge for your expertise. Better workflow means better work, better results that can lead to a better bottom line. 


Have another question?

Hit me up on intercom – that little green button there and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. 



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