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If you are looking to improve and learn how to increase your value as a UI/UX designer this course will be right up your alley. Whether you are starting out, moving into this field or if you’re looking to take your career to the next level this is for you.


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If you are thinking what's next for you, this can lead the way and show you how you can improve your craft as a designer.  How do you have a career you’ll love, do work you are proud of, get paid more and be more in demand. I share stories and tips from someone who has done just that. 

What’s covered?


A series of stories, lessons and key takeaways from the last 10 years to help you carve a successful design career. I share my best articles on Design Process and share with you some resources that you can help you improve. 




It's nice to meet you, I’m Nguyen 

I’m a Creative Director turned freelance designer/entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years I have designed and developed a myriad of projects for the digital space, pretty much anything that has a screen. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Fortune 500 clients and brands such Nintendo, Nissan, Adidas and Target. I love sharing stories and talking about design and sharing my knowledge with other designers.

My work has also been featured and awarded on FWA, Awwwards, Typewolf, Abduzeebo, Desktop magazine and MADC Awards. I also write on a blog called Verse where I share insight and thoughts about design, business and life with thousands of designers. You can also find some snippets of my work on Dribbble, photos on instagram and random thoughts on twitter. It’s lovely to meet you!


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